Urbanfloor offers specialized renovation solutions to transform outdated or dysfunctional spaces into modern, stylish living environments. Our services include:

  • Design Consultation: We evaluate how you use the current space and identify problem areas and improvement opportunities. Accordingly, our designers suggest new layouts, materials and visual renderings of the renewed space.
  • Scope Finalization: Based on your budget, lifestyle needs and design preferences, we will finalize the renovation scope – whether its a kitchen revamp, bathroom re-tiles, lighting upgrades, fresh coat of paint or a complete house makeover.
  • Floor Plan Reconfiguration: To address issues with existing layouts, we provide structural modifications like breaking walls, altering entrances, changing room dimensions etc. within regulatory limits.
  • System Upgrades: We upgrade old electrical systems, plumbing, wiring, air conditioning to meet modern tech standards, efficiency norms and safety guidelines.
  • Material and Finishes: We replace outdated tiles, fixtures, wall colors with contemporary materials like stone, glass, composite panels, stylish paint textures aligned to current décor trends.
  • Furniture Integration: For optimal space planning, we incorporate customized modular cabinetry, beds, storage solutions seamlessly into the new design.
  • Project Management: Our supervisors ensure the entire renovation by third-party contractors is seamlessly executed from demolition to final touches with no disruption to home life.

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