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Shaping Spaces in the Garden City of India. Based in the bustling garden city of Bengaluru, UrbanFloor Pvt. Ltd. transcends the traditional boundaries of interior design. Our approach is rooted in the collective intelligence of our dedicated team and enriched by in-depth research into the historical and contemporary context.

We recognize that the best spaces are unique reflections of the individuals or businesses they represent. Through our artistic approach to composition and classic design practices, we create interiors that delight and inspire daily.

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Sense of Belonging:

We create environments that offer a sense of belonging. A space should feel like home, satisfying the core comforts of those dwelling in it.


Sensible Design

Thoughtfulness extends to every aspect of our design. We ensure that spaces meet the practical needs of people using them, offering functionality without sacrificing elegance.



Every space should invite exploration and interaction. We infuse personality into our designs, encouraging individuals to connect with their surroundings.

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