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Urbanfloor offers full-service interior design and architectural solutions for residential and commercial spaces in Bangalore. Our services include:

  • Consultation and Space Planning: Our designers will thoroughly evaluate your needs, aesthetics and budget. We prepare detailed space plans optimized for functionality taking into consideration lighting, storage, circulation etc.
  • Complete Interior Design: We transform living spaces with designs customized to your taste providing color schemes, fabric selection, custom furniture, window treatments, artwork and decorative elements.
  • Lighting Design: Layered lighting plans set the right ambience with the latest fixtures and technologies like dimmers, sensors and smart lighting.
  • Sustainability Integration: We design environmentally responsible interiors with energy/water-efficient systems, low-VOC materials, recyclable finishes etc.
  • Architecture and Layouts: Our architects provide site evaluation, design customizations, floor plan layouts, façade design and complete architectural drawings.
  • Project Management: We oversee the entire project coordinating with contractors ensuring on-time execution with design integrity.
  • Renovation Expertise: We revamp outdated or dysfunctional spaces into fresh, contemporary living environments tailored to modern lifestyles.
  • Styles: Our portfolio includes designs across styles – modern, minimalist, tropical, industrial, mid-century, bohemian etc.
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